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My Little Saviours

Okay, time to reveal the source of the¬†‘challenges and opportunities’ (known to others as ‘frustration’ ūüėČ ) that I encountered¬†Tuesday night and Wednesday morning…

Here it is…

It looks so innocent doesn’t it?¬† Some might even call it ‘beautiful’.¬† Before it arrived in the post, I was even referring to it as the ‘Sexy Salsa’.¬† Now I just call it the ‘smartypants’ phone :-/

I thought it was about time that I embraced the new technologies of the 21st century and get myself an ‘android smartphone’ (I don’t have a clue¬†what that means!)¬† This upgrade (¬£13.50 p/m) is¬†actually cheaper than my old phone deal, so I should¬†add it¬†to yesterday’s¬†‘Big Budget Challenge’ post ūüėȬ†

Well, it turns out that the ‘smartphone’ is way too smart for me.¬† I didn’t have a CLUE how to use the thing.¬† I was chuffed when I finally worked out how to turn it on¬†after 5 minutes of fiddling…¬†but it¬†all went¬†downhill from that point onwards ūüė¶¬†¬†

The phone had automatically ‘synced’ with Facebook and my phone contacts list was then filled with the phone numbers of Facebook ‘friends’, rather than my regular¬†friends.¬† I pressed the¬†first name that appeared at the top of the screen to see if I could¬†edit it.¬† To my horror, the phone started calling the person… Esther in Canada!!!¬† It took me ages to work out how to end the call (because I’m so thick when it comes to new technology).¬† THEN, I accidentally rested my finger on the phone… and it started ringing Esther in Canada again!!! aarrghhhh!¬†

I gave up and decided to have another try in the morning.

M asked me if I’d read the manual.¬†¬†I checked the manual and no, it doesn’t mention how to make a phone call or send a text as it ASSUMES that everyone already knows how to do this.¬† The manual just talks about ‘Facebook Chat’, ‘Snap, tag and share’ and other things that I have NO clue about.¬†

I finally worked out how to send a text, but my fat fingers seem to press about 5 letters at once.¬† A 2 sentence text took me about 5 minutes because I had to delete every other letter.¬† I can’t wait to let my mum have a go (mind you, she can’t do worse than me lol!)

My second ‘challenge’ on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning was an¬†attempt to move my blog to a new host.¬† My new hosting provider has a ‘1 click install’ which is described as being so simple that even a 4 year old could do it.¬† I’m sure a 4 year old probably could do it… but I failed miserably ūüė¶¬† It’s still not sorted, but I’m hoping that my wonderful tecchie friend ‘E’ will be my saviour on this one ūüėČ

So after a rubbish Wednesday morning (which¬†I’m happy to say wasn’t a complete waste of time as it’s¬†been a great source of amusement for my friends ūüėČ ), it was a relief¬†to leave the house, the phone, the computer, and go to teach my kids’ meditation classes.¬† ūüôā ūüôā ūüôā

The kids were little stars¬†as usual.¬†Just watching them meditate filled me with such a sense of peace. ūüôā¬† Apparently,¬†Lil’ L and¬†some of¬†his friends had been meditating during playtime, before I’d even arrived at school.¬† It was a very chilled, rewarding afternoon.¬†¬†This carried on after school too.¬† I¬†sneakily took a¬†picture of Lil’ L meditating¬†in the garden…

And here’s a pic of¬†another 2 of his classmates meditating Wednesday evening (emailed to me by their mum).

Don’t they look so peaceful?

And finally, here’s a beautiful picture that another one of Lil’ L’s friends drew on Wednesday afternoon.

What a beautiful way to end a crazy day!  

I’d love to upload these images onto my new smartypants phone but that’s one step too advanced for me.¬† Maybe I’ll ask¬†a 4 year old ūüėČ

Have a wonderful weekend everybody! xx



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