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Mangoes and the Mill

My good friend J wanted to take me out for a belated birthday lunch today.  Before she arrived I thought I’d better nip into Bath on my bike to buy some mangoes for tomorrow’s workshop.  As I only wanted to pop into Waitrose, the quickest route was London Road… only the dilemma was how to make sure I didn’t get squashed by a bus (like I nearly did on my birthday last week).  Rather than having a dedicated cycle lane, there’s a shared bus and bike lane.  The trouble is, the buses get fed up waiting behind slowish cyclists (like me) so they try to squeeze past.  Last week, the bus not only squeezed past, but he then proceeded to cut me up and I had to brake to avoid a collision!  Today, I decided that there were 2 options – I could either cycle on the pavement (you rarely see pedestrians on this section of London Road) or I could position myself in the middle of the bus lane (so no chance of a bus overtaking), and aim to cycle at the speed of a bus (to avoid sending bus drivers into a rage).  I thought I’d try option 2 today and rode like the clappers into town.  I was nice and sweaty when I arrived, but at least I was alive. 🙂 

Whilst in Waitrose, I thought I’d stock up on walnuts… but I couldn’t find them anywhere.  I asked a member of staff and they said that they were being ‘rebranded’ and would be back in stock in a couple of weeks.  Apparently, the wholefood section (currently under the ‘Wholesome’ brand) is being rebranded as the ‘Love Life’ range.  That did make me smirk a little.  Wonder if the new brand will get people buying more walnuts 😉

J and I had a wonderful lunch at Bathampton Mill.  We shared a pizza and beef tomato and mozzarella salad.  I thought the salad was a bit expensive (£11.25) but the tomatoes were very yummy. 

Since I’m just a little bit obsessed with the new camera, I decided to take it to lunch.  Here’s a couple of shots I took on the walk home.

Bathampton Weir

Bathampton Meadows

For dinner tonight, I decided to cook one of Lil L’s all-time favourite meals – dhal and chapatis.  Lil L is very particular about his dhal.  He doesn’t like it “watery” and it’s got to have “lots of flavour” (feedback from my previous dhal attempts).  While I’ve given up trying to re-create the dhal he eats in  restaurants, I’ve instead opted to create my own version.  I add coconut cream to sweeten it and ensure it’s not watery, then add some pieces of butternut squash for extra vitamins and sweetness.  Squash seems to go really well with lentils and coconut.  The recipe can be found here.   

Dhal with Coconut and Butternut Squash

Lil’ L said the dhal was “delicious” and gave it 5 stars 🙂


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