Colourful Vegetable Pastry Bake

Tonight, I decided to make one of our family’s favourite dinners… the quick and easy colourful vegetable pastry bake.  To give the bake a protein and calcium boost, I spread some creamy cashew nut and tofu spread on the pastry as a base, before adding some basil pesto.  I then sprinkled pieces of courgette, pepper, olives, almonds and pine nuts on top.  I served it with a portion of crispy kale, and chopped cherry tomatoes and basil drizzled with walnut oil. 

Colourful Vegetable Pastry Bake

I made Lil’ L’s pastry bake slightly different to the adults’ portion.  As Lil’ L still won’t eat tomatoes, I added some tomato puree to the base of his pastry bake instead.  I also whizzed the peppers in my mini chopper so that they were much finer.  Lil’ L said he loved the dinner and we did too! 🙂  Here’s the full recipe.


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