Cubs and Noodles

A couple of weeks ago, Lil’ L moved up to Cubs.  He only seems to have been a Beaver for 5 minutes, and now he’s a Cub.  Obviously he’s very excited about it all, but I’m still in shock at how quickly the Beaver phase passed by.  Plus it took me forever to sew all the badges (badly) onto his Beaver top.  Is it true that I now need to remove the badges and sew them on a Cub top? aaahhh!!!!!

As Beavers is from 6.30-8pm, I needed to get Lil L’ an early tea.  I opted for one of his favourites (and our’s too) – Thai style noodles in coconut milk.  I love the fact that you just throw all the ingredients into a wok and give it a quick stir.  Plus there’s not much washing up. 🙂  

Thai-style noodles in coconut milk

The recipe can be found here.

We were running late for Cubs as usual, so I ran there and Lil L’ scooted.  It was the best part of the day with lots of lovely warm sunshine, so I decided to carry on running after I dropped him off.  I made my way down to the canal and headed in the direction of Dundas Aqueduct.  It was a gorgeous evening.  Lots of smiley people out walking and jogging.  Lots of wildlife too, including a foal and its mother munching grass down by the canal edge and a heron fishing close by.  In total, I ran for 50 minutes.  It felt wonderful, but I looked like a beetroot by the time I’d finished 😉


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