Chocolate Cupcakes (dairy free)

Okay, so this blog was meant to be about healthy stuff and I’ve started it with chocolate cupcakes!  That wasn’t exactly how I intended to start it, but it’s the school jumble sale today and I volunteered to bake some cakes to sell.  Lil L’ assures me that chocolate cupcakes will be a popular choice with the kids, so that’s what I’ve gone for.  I’ve also learnt from C’s experience… when she’s made a healthy, tasty, wholemeal cake for school events, it still tends to be eagerly looking for a buyer at the end of the sale.  She then ends up buying it herself and taking it home again!

So chocolate cupcakes was the choice for today.  I did use soya milk instead of full fat milk, dairy-free margarine instead of butter, and halved the usual amount of frosting, so the calorie and saturated fat content was somewhat reduced.  My aim was to create a ‘dairy free’ version of the famous Hummingbird Bakery cupcake.  They came out really well and the people I tested them on couldn’t tell at all that they were dairy free.  Who says you need all that full fat milk and butter hey? 😉   

Chocolate cupcakes

Chocolate dairy free cupcakes

You can find the recipe here

Lil' L tested a cupcake and reported back that it was 'delish!!!!'


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